Get a stronger grip through antagonist training while developing more muscular & defined forearms!

Tennis... why do you need two hands for a backhand!

Improve your game:

Strong hands, wrists & forearms help control the racquet for stronger & more precise shots. You gripping muscles control your forehand which is strong, but your expanding muscles, which are much weaker, control your backhand. Strengthen your grip & build symmetry in your swing withHand X Band™!

Avoid pain:

Once you have tennis elbow, your game will never be the same.

Wrist Tendinitis, "... brought on by continuous gripping motions." TENNIS: Wrist in Peace. May 2011.

Other tips to prevent and/or rehabilitate tennis elbow:

  1. Choose tennis racquets with larger head sizes & grip bands to reduce arm vibration
  2. Reducing string tension & avoiding "dead" balls with reduced bounce can decrease energy transfer to the arm
  3. Choose grips that are properly sized (avoid grips that are too large or too small)
  4. Proper coordination between trunk & arm allows for maximum energy transfer at ball contact & reduces demands on the arm
    - Adapted from Sports Med 1998 Sep: 26 (3) 197