Get a stronger grip through antagonist training while developing more muscular & defined forearms!

Golf... because your hands are the only thing between you & your club!


Improve your game:

In golf, a proper grip is essential. Your grip controls the club! A strong grip controls speed; a precise grip controls accuracy. Where the face goes, the ball goes. Too tight you slice; too loose you hook. Your grip controls your body! Weak hands translate to a rigid & tight body which decreases distance & accuracy; conversely, strong hands make for a relaxed body which increases distance & accuracy. Straighten & lengthen your shots while improving accuracy with Hand X Band ™!

Avoid pain:

Once you have golfers' elbow, your game will never be the same.

"Golfer's elbow can also be due to grip tension, limited flexibility in forearm muscles, strength imbalance in the arm, or overuse."