Get a stronger grip through antagonist training while developing more muscular & defined forearms!

Fitness... for every push, there is a pull!

"Using these bands has not only healed the tendinitis, but they prevent it from returning so I can go as crazy as I want in the gym. And with different resistances, the variety of bands let me periodize the training. Plus, they help to increase grip strength and better forearm development."

-Jim Stoppani, PhD: Former Senior Science Editor of Muscle & Fitness Magazine, Former Yale University School of Medicine Researcher

- Jedd Johnson, 2015 Championship (

"Use Hand X Band™, to increase grip strength with antagonist training & develop more muscular & defined forearms!"

"Powerlifting is all about having an edge & Hand X Band is one for the dead lift if I have ever seen one."
- Mr. 3000, World Powerlifting Champion, Donnie Thompson


Gregg Viscuso

Best-selling author of "The Wellness Code - Your Ultimate Guide to Health, Fitness & Nutrition"

"Here is a secret that almost everyone neglects: you need to exercise the abductors of your grip, not just the adductors. And that is exactly what Hand X Band allows you to do."
- John Romaniello,


"We're all guilty of over gripping; doing to much crush work and not enough for the extensors. Hand X Band will help remedy that problem and can also alleviate elbow pain."
- Jason Ferruggia,


"... comprehensively train every muscle group from the elbow down, particularly the forearm extensors - the muscles that open your fingers. Strengthening these muscles alone will improve grip. The normal gripping you do holding barbells and dumbbells trains the muscles that close your hand, and as these muscles become more out of balance with the extensors, your nervous system will shut down their development to prevent any greater imbalance."

- Men's Fitness. October 2008

"Add an exercise using the muscles it takes to open your hand and your grip will climb to new heights."

-"Mastery of Hand Strength", by John Brookfield