Get a stronger grip through antagonist training while developing more muscular & defined forearms!

Cycling... balance all of those miles of over-gripping!

"Finger Extensions with a Band: . . .moving the fingers and hand in the opposite direction from a typical squeezing exercise which creates a good training balance."

-Arm Pump Solutions by Rodney Womack, CSCS

"I did a 5 hour Ironman race where it was pretty much a hare scramble for 5 hours straight a month ago and NEVER did my fingers get tired or fatigued. The rest of my body was shot, but because of hand x-band, my hands/fingers where still good and ready for more riding!"

-Jason Raines, 6 AMA Championships, 38 National Events Wins, 3 ISDE Gold Medals, 1 Japanese National Championship, several top 2 finishes in the GNCC series.